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Our Mission

Friendly Reminders aims to simplify people's lives and keep them and their loved ones safe, healthy and happy by providing users with access to the information they need at any time.

How it Started

It all began when we noticed that it was getting harder and harder to remember what our friends and family could and couldn’t eat. We set out to create a way for people to share their culinary profile and food preferences with whomever they needed.

The vision has evolved from that fundamental idea. Now you can use Friendly Reminders to remember all sorts of information about the people you know or the events you attend.

The Founders


Melanie's coding knowledge is limited to a high school HTML class but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming up new features for the site. As the heart of the marketing operation, she’s always coming up with new ways to spread the word about Friendly Reminders. After work you can find Melanie near a body of water or wishing that she could be.


Rob is the technical mastermind behind Friendly Reminders. He built the site from the ground up all while dealing with a non-technical co-founder with endless crazy demands. Outside of work Rob is quite the enigma, one part nerd and one part outdoorsman. He's equally happy gaming as he is starting a fire using just two sticks.

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