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How Can Friendly Reminders Help You

Parties are fun but hosting comes with some stress. If you're like us, deciding what to serve your guests can cause a little bit of anxiety. What if your guests have food allergies? What if you serve something your friends don't like? Avoid that awkward moment with Friendly Reminders.

We're here to alleviate all the worrying. With Friendly Reminders it's easy to know exactly what your friends can and cannot eat, making planning a meal so much easier. We'll even suggest some recipes based upon the group's dietary restrictions and preferences if you're out of ideas.

Did You Know

12% of Americans have Allergies

29% have an Intolerance

34% follow a specific Diet

With numbers like these it's easy to see why referencing your guests' culinary profile is more important than ever!

What Else Does Friendly Reminders Do

From casual dinner parties to birthday extravaganzas, we all attend a lot of events each year. We'll help you remember the important details about each of them.

Who was there?
Remember all the events you attended and who you saw there.
What did I wear?
Make note of what you wore and never worry about repeating an outfit.
What did we eat?
Keep track of what you made or what was served.
Who gave me this?
Jot down what gifts you gave or received.

How much does it cost

It's FREE unless your group or event has over 150 people. If you are shooting an event that big, congrats on having so many friends! Check out our event planning page for more information on pricing for larger events.

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